The Yang Family Tai Chi Motto

‘Zhin’ – Diligence

Hard work and effort is a prerequisite for skilled development.  Daily practice on a regular basis will ultimately be rewarded by beneficial results.

‘Hen’ – Perseverance

It is important that a long enduring sense of purpose be cultivated.  A sense of purpose combined with regular daily practice will serve to achieve that purpose.

‘Li’ – Respect

Respect for your master, teacher and fellow man is paramount.  Deal with others taking into account their backgrounds and in light of their expectations.  Mutual respect serves to enhance a sense of community and solidarity in a society where individuals treat each other with respect.

‘Zhen’ – Sincerity

Sincerity in attitude or motivation is a prerequisite for learning Tai Chi Chuan.  In order to achieve, a genuine resolve to pursue your goal must exist.  Deal with others sincerely if you wish them reciprocate.  Maintain sincerity in the fore of your dealings with others and you will achieve a smooth flow in relationships.