About East Midlands Tai Chi Meditation


Meditation is the creative expression of your happiness, peace and joy.
Many people meditate to achieve better physical or emotional health. Some people meditate to awaken so called spiritual energies or psychic powers. The irony is, however, that whilst some benefits may be obtained for a while, if a system or method is rigidly fixated on, it can create greater anxiety and greater suffering. Any form of meditation or practice where there is a degree of control or manipulation runs contrary to the natural way of things.
In a sense, meditation is a non-doing. It is simply resting and allowing everything to be as it is. There is no need to try to achieve or attain some special state because all states come and go. Everything changes in what is. When attention is on what is changing there inevitably follows a sense of struggle, a need to assert or defend one's position. When attention returns to one's natural awareness there may be recognised an innate freedom, a pure unchanging  awareness of immense beauty which was simply overlooked in our obsession of projecting attention outwards.
Sages and Seers of ancient cultures have pointed this out for centuries. In China it is known as the Tao. Intellectual knowledge of the natural way of things, or the Tao is of little use. What matters is its deep realisation. Therein lies the usefulness of true meditation.