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The Tribes

Funnel Webs- live in burrows jumping out on any that wander into their territory and steal their belongings. They dig systems of tunnels and excavate buried buildings to strip them of their assets.

Funnel Web

Tech Junkies- resent the idea of having to lose technology only to rediscover it again in the future. They have almost a religious attitude towards preserving knowledge at all costs. Their aim is to find a way to use it to give them an advantage over the other tribes. They also trade information for food and medicines.

Harvesters- believe that the salvation of mankind is rooted in reestablishing law, order, morality and hence civilisation. They intend to rebuild society from scratch by rediscovering lost skills and crafts. They gather seeds, plant crops and live in civilised walled communities.

They have strict laws and harsh punishments to maintain discipline. They keep sheep and cattle and thus have a ready supply of wool for making clothes and hides for crafting other items. These resources make them a popular target for the other tribes that do not seem predisposed toward farming.
If you do not wish to be a member of a gang you have the choice to play a Wanderer. These are loners that survive the wastelands on their wits and cunning. Always on the move, never trusting anyone or staying in one place too long.

Sons of the New Dawn- are an arrogant and self absorbed religious order that believes that the apocalypse was brought about by God to cleanse the earth of sinners. They believe that they are the righteous and have inherited the Earth to convert nonbelievers and to destroy the unworthy.

Burners - have relinquished all vestiges of morality believing it to be a weakness. Instead they travel around in bands murdering, stealing and doing anything must survive more just for the fun it use up an areas resources then move on. Nothing goes waste even flesh dead is eaten skin used as raw material fashion items clothing.
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